Adding Power to Your Garage or Garden Building

Adding Power to Your Garage or Garden Building

More of us than ever are investing in garages or garden buildings to expand our home and add extra practicality. Whether it’s an at-home office or shed for your gardening supplies, you’ll want electricity to make your work easier. You might want to install Wi-Fi or benefit from having sockets to plug in devices and appliances.


Adding power to your garage or garden building is easier to carry out than you might expect. You’ll have to consider two things when deciding to add electricity to an exterior building. Socket and switch installation and the wiring for your outbuilding, along with how you’ll get the electrical supply to your garage or building. Typically, you’ll need a protected supply and a 6mm SWA cable.

Make a plan for your garage or garden building

Whether it’s a new or old building, you want to make a plan before starting electrical work. You’ll need to decide what sockets you need and where the most practical area is to install them. This factor is something you want to consider if your garage is acting as a workshop or an at-home garage. With the right electrical set-up, you can transform your garage or garden building to make it more practical than ever.

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Finding the best electrician for the job is our mission. We take aware the strain of having to find a reputable, reliable and trusted electrician. This means you can be rest assured whilst making your decision on which of our amazing electricians listed with Trusted Local Electrician is right for your project, whether it be on a commercial basis, big or small project or for a simple lighting change in your home.

Decide on interior or exterior sockets

Most garages and garden buildings are used to store outdoor equipment. Whether it’s your lawnmower or the socket for a hot tub, you might decide that exterior sockets are required for your outside property. While you’re installing electricity to the building, you can decide to add a weatherproof outside socket that makes it easier for you to utilize doors outside.


Consider this factor when you’re deciding on how many sockets you’ll need, as that will impact the cost of your project. It’s always a good idea to account for 1 or 2 extra sockets than what you think you’ll be needing.

Choosing where the cable will run

One of the most difficult decisions to make when adding electricity to your garage is to decide where to run the cable – which will need to go between your property and the exterior building. The electrical supply will need to be connected with your existing fuse box usually be a suitable source. If you have an older home, your current fuse box might not be fit for this purpose.


Your certified electrician will be able to advise you on what’s best to do for your property and whether it’s a good idea to also invest in a fuse box upgrade.

SWA cable installation

Your electrician will need to install a steel wire armoured cable (SWA) that will run from your property to your garage. There are several SWA cables available for you to use, each with them having their own purpose. Your electrician will choose the most suitable SWA cable for your property. The SWA cable will be buried underground and have to withstand everything from changing weather conditions to general wear and tear.


You can get a step ahead by deciding where the trench should be for your SWA cable. You’ll usually agree this with your electrician before any digging starts – but ideally, it should be prepared before the electrical work starts.

Regular maintenance checks

Once you’ve got your power up and running in your garage, you want to carry out regular checks and maintenance. The electrical supply in your exterior buildings is just as important as the supply in your home. You want to ensure that your appliances are in a good condition before plugging them into a socket.


By having a certified electrician add power to your garage of garden building, you can create a practical space for your work or a hobby.


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