Electric Oven installation

Electric ovens are the focal point of a modern kitchen

Without your oven, you’ll be stuck cooking on a stove or with your microwave. After you invest in a new electric oven, you want to hit the ground running by booking in for an electric oven installation.

While you might be tempted to try your hand at it yourself, installing an electric oven is complex and can be an expensive mistake is installed incorrectly.


A professionally trained electrician is the best person to oversee your electric oven installation. With their help, you’ll be cooking up a storm in your kitchen in no time.

Only Trusted Electricians

Trusted Local Electrician makes finding the right electrician for the job easier. We strive to ensure we list competent and trustworthy electricians. We will only list an electrician after confirming they are accredited with a recognised and reputable government approved trade body under the Competent Person Scheme, introduced by the Government, to allow individuals and enterprises to self-certify their work that complies with the Building Regulations. This means they meet strict entry requirements, and their work is regularly assessed, to ensure their competence and that their work meets the correct standards, and have public liability insurance in place with the total level of cover displayed alongside their listing.

We check each electrician/company is listed with a government approved trade body in particular: NICEIC, NAPIT, STROMA, OFTEC, ELECSA, BSI, BESCA and Benchmark, this will be clearly visible on their listing under what trade body they are listed with. Electricians listed here are independent of us. They are not our employees, agents or partners. This means whilst making your decision on which of the electricians listed with Trusted Local Electrician is right for your project, whether it be on a domestic or commercial basis.

What to consider with an electric oven installation

It’s worth remembering that an electric oven requires more power than a gas oven as it produces more heat. In order to accommodate this, you’ll need a large fuse that is usually larger than 13amps. You’ll also need an accessible double pole isolating switch and a thick, heat-resistant cable.


You’ll need the double pole isolating switch as a safety measure. The double pole helps to power down the neutral wire in the oven and removes the risk of a residual electrical shock if you touch the oven after the power has been tripped. With how important your kitchen is, you don’t want to compromise on safety.


If you’re replacing an existing electric oven with a newer model, it’s usually a straightforward installation process with the help of your certified electrician. It usually only takes a few hours for a replacement electric oven to be installed by your electrician.

The circuit and cables required for your electric oven

Every electric oven needs its own radical circuit and shouldn’t share a circuit with any other major appliance in your kitchen. You want to install a cooker control unit within a two-metre distance of your cooker. It shouldn’t be positioned directly above your electric oven as it requires a thick cable that supports the high volume of electricity that your electric oven needs.


Ideally, the cooker control unit should be near your oven to prevent any trip hazards, without being close enough to pose any kind of fire risk. This unit will need to be installed before your electric oven is wired.

How to wire an electric oven

Your electrician will oversee the wiring and installation of your electric oven. In a sense, the process is similar to wiring a plug socket. Any power source to the oven at your mains will need to be turned off to allow the electrician to feed the circuit cable into the control unit.

Regular electric oven maintenance

Like any electrical appliance, you want to carry out regular maintenance on your electric oven. If your oven isn’t heating up, it’s best to contact your electric to have them search and fix the fault. This can be caused by a blown fuse or an issue with the wiring. In some cases, it may also be an issue an element in the cooker. If the digital clock is still operating on your electric oven, then you know power is still getting to it

The cost of electric oven installation

The cost of your electric oven installation will vary depending on your needs. A built-in oven installation is typically more expensive than a replacement oven installation. If you’re buying a replacement oven, you want to ensure that it’s also an electric oven. Otherwise, you’ll need you electric to help you get everything set up. Your certified electrician can give you an accurate estimate of what the cost would be for your electric oven installation.


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