Emergency Fault Finding/Repair

Emergency Fault Finding/Repair

Losing electricity and power is something that no one wants to deal with. When it happens, it happens at the worst possible time. It’s not only a major inconvenience, but it can also make it difficult to stay in your home or commercial property. A loss of electricity can also put you in a dangerous situation. As soon as an unexpected fault happens, one of our certified electricians can be there to find and repair the fault.

What is emergency fault finding?

An emergency fault finding service is available for times when you experience an unexpected loss of power. Losing power is inconvenient for both domestic and industrial properties, leading to safety concerns and potential loss of revenue.  An emergency fault finding service is the quickest way to find and repair the fault.

Only Trusted Electricians

Trusted Local Electrician makes finding the right electrician for the job easier. We strive to ensure we list competent and trustworthy electricians. We will only list an electrician after confirming they are accredited with a recognised and reputable government approved trade body under the Competent Person Scheme, introduced by the Government, to allow individuals and enterprises to self-certify their work that complies with the Building Regulations. This means they meet strict entry requirements, and their work is regularly assessed, to ensure their competence and that their work meets the correct standards, and have public liability insurance in place with the total level of cover displayed alongside their listing.

We check each electrician/company is listed with a government approved trade body in particular: NICEIC, NAPIT, STROMA, OFTEC, ELECSA, BSI, BESCA and Benchmark, this will be clearly visible on their listing under what trade body they are listed with. Electricians listed here are independent of us. They are not our employees, agents or partners. This means whilst making your decision on which of the electricians listed with Trusted Local Electrician is right for your project, whether it be on a domestic or commercial basis.

Electrical fault-finding services

The first thing to do when you experience an unexpected electrical outage is to find the fault behind it. A certified electrician is best placed to help you get to the bottom of the issue and detect where the fault is. You can call in our electrical fault-finding service for flickering lights or the complete loss of electricity. This service is also helpful if you have safety concerns about your electrical supply and want an expert’s opinions.


Issues like burning smells and scorch marks on plug sockets are warning signs that you’re experiencing a fault with your current electrical supply. Electrical faults can also be detected during routine inspections or when an electrician is carrying out an EICR survey. Once the fault is identified, your certified electrician will work to fix the issue as quickly as possible.

What causes a loss of electricity?

The most common cause of electrical faults is fuse board problems, blown fuses, tripped RCDs, nuisance tripping, lighting and power faults. Our electricians can find and repair an electrical fault during the same visit to get your electrical supply back up and running right away.


Blown fuses and tripped circuits are liable to happen at any time. Whenever it happens, you can call on our team of skilled electricians for our emergency fault finding and repair service. A certified electrician can trace and repair the electrical fault during an emergency call out.


They’ll carry out an initial inspection for fixtures and fittings, as well as checking loose connections for any tell-tale signs of burning or dampness. If there’s no obvious faults that are detected during the initial inspection, your electrician will carry out an in-depth fault test to conduct a deeper analysis.


When the tests are complete, your electrician will let you know what remedial work is necessary to restore your power to repair the fault. You’ll be given a full quotation for the necessary work that needs to be carried out before making a commitment.

Fault finding and maintenance

Electrical faults can often be small issues that have the potential to pose serious safety concerns. You want to call a certified electrician as soon as you start to notice problems with your circuits, lighting, or sockets. A fault-finding service will give you peace of mind and identify what issues need to be repaired in your existing electrical supply and wiring set-up.

Regular maintenance is the best way to avoid unexpected electrical supply failures as it allows your electrician to identify issues early to prevent problems further down the road. Ignoring warning signs – like scorch marks on sockets – and forgetting to do regular maintenance could lead to a serious safety issue.

Whether it’s a proactive fault-finding service or an emergency call out, our certified electricians will get to the bottom of the problem and provide you with a solution.


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