Full or Partial Rewire


There’s no set timeframe for when your property needs a partial or full rewiring. Whether you’re a domestic or commercial property, it’s inevitable that you will eventually need a rewiring. However, just because your property is older, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your home needs a full rewiring. Newer properties can also require rewiring as the result of damage or wear and tear.

Typical full or partial rewiring services can include your cooker, shower, and lighting circuits. Installation of isolators and fan wiring are other services that can fall under full or partial rewiring. If your home is older than 25 years, it’s a good idea to have an inspection carried out on your domestic rewiring to see if it meets current safety codes.


Your electrician can carry out an electrical installation condition report to access the current situation with your domestic wiring and advise on whether a full or partial rewiring is required.

Only Trusted Electricians

Trusted Local Electrician makes finding the right electrician for the job easier. We strive to ensure we list competent and trustworthy electricians. We will only list an electrician after confirming they are accredited with a recognised and reputable government approved trade body under the Competent Person Scheme, introduced by the Government, to allow individuals and enterprises to self-certify their work that complies with the Building Regulations. This means they meet strict entry requirements, and their work is regularly assessed, to ensure their competence and that their work meets the correct standards, and have public liability insurance in place with the total level of cover displayed alongside their listing.

We check each electrician/company is listed with a government approved trade body in particular: NICEIC, NAPIT, STROMA, OFTEC, ELECSA, BSI, BESCA and Benchmark, this will be clearly visible on their listing under what trade body they are listed with. Electricians listed here are independent of us. They are not our employees, agents or partners. This means whilst making your decision on which of the electricians listed with Trusted Local Electrician is right for your project, whether it be on a domestic or commercial basis.

What is a full rewiring of a domestic property?

A full rewire service is when the existing circuits of your property are completely replaced, which may include your entire lighting or socket electrical system. You’ll usually notice that it’s time for a full rewiring when electrical issues and related problems start to occur more regularly. However, you don’t always have to go straight in for a full rewire service.

What is a partial rewiring of a domestic property?

A partial rewiring is when we upgrade or replace a small section or several circuits of your property. In some cases, it can be as little as one section of a circuit. Most partial rewiring services are required due to general wear and tear or damage that has resulted in safety concerns of electrical issues.

How to know if your home needs a partial or full rewiring

The best way to know if your property requires a partial or full rewire service is to have an Electrical Condition Inspection Report carried out by a qualified electrician. You may also require a partial or full rewire service when making home improvements, such as:


  • Cable repairs or replacement
  • New cooker circuits
  • New lighting circuits
  • New outdoor circuits
  • New ring circuits
  • New shower circuits

It’s worthwhile knowing which electrical problems to look out for

It’s worthwhile knowing which electrical problems to look out for that might indicate that your home needs a partial or full rewiring. These issues include:

  • Electric shocks
  • Dimming and flickering lights
  • Burning or scorched sockets

If you notice any of these issues, it’s time to call in a certified electrician to access the needs of your property and advise if you need a full or partial rewiring service.

The legal requirements surrounding domestic rewiring

There isn’t a legal requirement that states that your home must be rewired after a certain time period. As general guidance, your wiring should be updated or replaced if it’s more than 25 years old. If your wiring is older than this, it’s likely that your property no longer meets current safety standards and regulations, in which case, you’ll want to have a partial or full rewiring carried out. Your electrician will work with you to access the situation and bring your property up to standard.


The problems that can occur with domestic rewiring

One reason why people put off domestic rewiring is that it can be more complicated than you might expect. Complications typically arise in older properties or when there has been electrical work carried out by someone who isn’t a professional. In these cases, your property likely isn’t up to current safety codes and standards. If improperly circuity has been used, it’s likely that a full rewiring of your home will be required to bring it up to existing safety standards.


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