Hot Tub Electrical installation

Hot Tub Electrical Installation

Are you thinking of splurging on a hot tub? The pandemic saw a sharp spike in interest for hot tubs and other outdoor pools. Whether your hot tub was an impulse purchase or a long-term investment, you want to ensure that you have your hot tub electrical installation carried out by a professional electrician.

Electrical safety measures introduced by the government in 2005 dictate that most electrical work has to be carried out by a trained professional in domestic households. Under the building regulations, hot tub installation is covered by section 702 in the 17th Edition of the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE) Regulations, which falls under the same category of the regulation as swimming pools.

Only Trusted Electricians

Trusted Local Electrician makes finding the right electrician for the job easier. We strive to ensure we list competent and trustworthy electricians. We will only list an electrician after confirming they are accredited with a recognised and reputable government approved trade body under the Competent Person Scheme, introduced by the Government, to allow individuals and enterprises to self-certify their work that complies with the Building Regulations. This means they meet strict entry requirements, and their work is regularly assessed, to ensure their competence and that their work meets the correct standards, and have public liability insurance in place with the total level of cover displayed alongside their listing.

We check each electrician/company is listed with a government approved trade body in particular: NICEIC, NAPIT, STROMA, OFTEC, ELECSA, BSI, BESCA and Benchmark, this will be clearly visible on their listing under what trade body they are listed with. Electricians listed here are independent of us. They are not our employees, agents or partners. This means whilst making your decision on which of the electricians listed with Trusted Local Electrician is right for your project, whether it be on a domestic or commercial basis.

How many amps are required for hot tub electrical installation?

Most hot tubs will require you to have at least a 13AMP supply. Larger hot tubs typically require up to 32AMP supply. You’ll want to check the specific requirements for your hot tub before organising for your electrical installation.

Weatherproof block connector

As part of your hot tub electrical installation, you’ll need a weatherproof block connector installed at the end of the tail from the isolator. This set-up means that the power supply for the hot tub can be hard wired into this weatherproof block connector.

Any installation of a hot tub must meet the requirements set out in ‘Requirements for Electrical Installations IET Wiring Regulations’ – BS:7671.

While you may be tempted to try and install your hot tub yourself, the necessary regulations mean that it is safer and more efficient to hire a trained professional who is skilled in hot tub installation. Our team of electricians are on hand to carry out your hot tub electrical installation.

These are the electrical requirements that your hot tub will have to meet during its installation:

  • The hot tub has to be hard wired to its own fuse that links back to your household’s consumer unit. It cannot share a supply with any other appliance in your property.
  • It needs to be protected by a suitable mains circuit breaker (MCB), which should at least cover the maximum amperage pull of the hot tub with a 25% allowance for brake torque. If the hot tub has a maximum draw of 20amps, it needs to be fitted with a 25AMP MCB to meet the regulations.
  • Your hot tub needs a residual current device (RCD) that can protect it against any earth faults. The purpose of this trip switch is to prevent any risk of electric shock if the cables or connections become damaged or waterlogged. Most hot tub installations will require a 30mA RCD to meet this requirement.
  • The outdoor cabling for your hot tub needs to be protected below the ground by a protective ducting (pc pipe) or with a steel wired armoured cable (SWA). Your trained electrician will be able to calculate the correct size of cable that is required for your hot tub.


After your hot tub is installed by your electrician, they’ll carry out a test to check that everything is running smoothly and that it is fully operational.


Your hot tub is an investment that you want to ensure is properly installed by a trained electrician. With the various legal requirements for the safe operation of a hot tub and the complex work involved, it’s best to go directly to an electrician to carry out the work. Your electrician will ensure that everything is correctly installed and that your hot tub meets all the necessary requirements.


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